Shakira – My Guilty Pleasure

Well, it’s time to admit it to a wider audience. I adore Shakira. Not the English-language versions of her music, but the older Spanish-language originals. Written, performed, and produced a couple of years before most of her cross-over work, and including a lot of great work that I believe will never see the light of day in English (and we’ll all be poorer for this….), I thoroughly enjoy dropping a few songs by Shakira onto my MP3 player on a regular basis.

So, imagine my surprise to find this little gem on television when I was travelling in South America this year. And not only that, but to return to find the original release was on a 2004 album. No, I don’t understand why a 2004 song has just made it’s way onto television, seemingly appearing on another (new?) album. But with a song this damn catchy, excuse me if I don’t complain…

PS I’ve heard the English language version of this song, and have to admit to much, much preferring the Spanish version….

Shakira – Las De La Intuicion


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