No Melancholy Whatsoever…

And so I’ll kick off the official launch of Get Your Melancholy On with a complete and utter misnomer – two songs that have no melancholy whatsoever. Hey, it’s my site,so I’ll post what I like.

I’m posting the two songs – Bruce Springsteen’s Radio Nowhere and Matchbox Twenty’s How Far We’ve Come – at the same time as I believe they have a very common thread. If you’re familiar with either artists work, you may be very surprised by the new releases. Springsteen’s folk and rock ‘n’ roll leanings, and Matchbox Twenty’s adult-oriented arena rock are both pushed gently to the side, and replaced, on this occasion at least, with spikier, faster, more upbeat, and rather good melodies, and big singalong choruses.

While the remainder of Springsteen’s new album is very much like his older work (and in a very good way – go buy it!), and Matchbox Twenty’s new album is a best of retrospective (and good stuff if you’re a little angry at the world), I was very surprised by the new singles….and Bruce, Rob, if you’re reading this (hahahahahahahaha how I make myself laugh….), let’s have more of the same.

Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere

Matchbox Twenty – How Far We’ve Come

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