Laptop? Check. Broadband? Check. Audience? Check.

Apologies for the intermittent posting over the the last couple of weeks. I’ve just recently overhauled my personal laptop so that I can use it (I’m afraid I’ve been a bit remiss with it over the last year or so, giving far too much attention to my other shiny work laptop, my MP3 players, my PSP, and other various pieces of technology). In addition, I’ve finally gotten broadband in my apartment, so I’ll now be making the effort to keep you all abreast of my musical journey…

For now, I’m really quite happy:

  • Pages displayed : 571
  • Unique visitors : 157

Over 150 people visiting my blog to date – when I overhauled this just a few short weeks ago, I prepared myself for the worst. I’m pleasantly surprised. However, what I would ask for is a lot more posts to let me know if you find the site interesting and useful. If I can get even one person out there buying an album of any one of the artists I enjoy, I’ll consider this blog a great success. Spread the word…

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