Songs For An Evening In…

I’ve gained myself a reputation for my music tastes – too depressing, too melancholic, too downbeat. I often beg to differ – Outkast, Fleetwood Mac, quite a lot of very-similar sounding emo, and a vast range of 80’s music fight for place on my MP3 player (“Stand and deliver, your money or your life”….ah, Adam Ant, where are you?).

However, I’ll admit that often, I like nothing better than to find time for myself, put on a little Tom McRae or Red House Painters, and get my melancholy on. So, here are two songs for anyone out there like me. Two songs that have gotten me through the best and worst times. One a song of the acceptance of life and all it brings, the other a song of the acceptance of an end.

Colin Hay accepts, whatever happens…..”And still this emptiness persists, perhaps this is as good as it gets. When you’ve given up the drink and those nasty cigarettes, now I leave the party early at least with no regrets. I watch the sun as it comes up I watch it as it sets, yeah this is as good as it gets”….while Willard Grant Conspiracy blame themselves for what’s happened….”I guess that leaving town, is the best thing I can do. This is my last attempt at loving you. Everytime you hurt me, I say that it’s alright.I’m all thats left to blame the morning after another lonely night”….

Get your melancholy on…

Colin Hay – Beautiful World

Willard Grant Conspiracy – Another Lonely Night


  1. Ivan – Isabel got me your link. My opinion is that music can never be too depressing, as long as it is well done. Tom McRae is my lamenting hero. Go Melancholy!

  2. Go melancholy, go! Thanks for the note, Eva – hope you manage to find a new artist or two on the site that allows you to get your depression on…

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