If you haven’t seen the film “Friday Night Lights” yet, I’d heavily recommend it. A gritty, realistic drama about American Football, focusing on a young team with the weight of expectation placed upon them, and how they deal with it. The acting is superb, the character development amazing. However, what stood out for me, was the music. All composed by Explosions in the Sky, who specialise in instrumental guitar music….a soundtrack that truly pulls you into the film.

After seeing it, I went out and got the soundtrack immediately, and afterwards soon bought all three albums by Explosions in the Sky. My single favourite piece of music is this 8 minute epic, which builds, and builds, and builds, and builds…

I’m a latecomer to MySpace, I’m afraid. I only started my profile in the last few weeks, and still found myself hesitant to reveal too much information there.

however, I’ve built up a good friends list, I’m in conversation with a couple of very cool people, and I’ve also discovered:

Danielle Deckard. My jaw dropped at this lady’s talent. Visit her MySpace (HerSpace?), and listen to “Too Many Times” and “Let it Rain”.

Wow. Just, wow.

My broadband has been out of action for some time now, so apologies for the lack of posting over the last 9 days. In addition, I’m afraid there’s going to be a large hiatus coming up – I’ll be away from the day after tomorrow for three weeks. However, on my return, expect more music than ever…

For now, I’ll post as much as I can today and tomorrow, and I’ll hope that you’ll be able to do without my witty & charming dialogue for a few weeks.

Because I know that’s why you’re all here. For me, my personality, wit, wisdom, and sage advice.

Not for the music at all.

I came upon Billie the Vision and the Dancers putting three of their full albums up for download on their site. I downloaded the collections, not expecting much. How wrong I was. Very catchy, upbeat, summery pop, with some of the saddest lyrics….

Check out “Damaging this Apartment”, from “Where the Ocean Meets My Hand” – “She says it feels so good to hurt me. She says it feels so good to make me cry. “I don’t think we should meet again. I think I should forget that you exist. You’re a curse that keeps getting worse. Now I know I’m finally done with you.””

It’s not all this sad. Promise…

Apologies for the intermittent posting over the the last couple of weeks. I’ve just recently overhauled my personal laptop so that I can use it (I’m afraid I’ve been a bit remiss with it over the last year or so, giving far too much attention to my other shiny work laptop, my MP3 players, my PSP, and other various pieces of technology). In addition, I’ve finally gotten broadband in my apartment, so I’ll now be making the effort to keep you all abreast of my musical journey…

For now, I’m really quite happy:

  • Pages displayed : 571
  • Unique visitors : 157

Over 150 people visiting my blog to date – when I overhauled this just a few short weeks ago, I prepared myself for the worst. I’m pleasantly surprised. However, what I would ask for is a lot more posts to let me know if you find the site interesting and useful. If I can get even one person out there buying an album of any one of the artists I enjoy, I’ll consider this blog a great success. Spread the word…

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel empty. I feel I should be doing something more with my life, something bigger, something more meaningful. And I don’t know what it is. And I don’t know how to start my search to find it. At these times, I tend to find meaning in music. And often, I find the words to describe perfectly how I feel.

Sometimes, I even find the answer.

I don’t know which one this is.

I wanna feel the car crash, I wanna feel the capsize, I wanna feel the bomb drop, the earth stop, ’til I’m satisfied. I wanna feel the car crash, ’cause I’m dyin’ on the inside. I wanna let go and know that I’ll be alright, alright

No matter what you ever say to your lover, can it ever be as heart-breaking, as committed, as accepting, as this?

“I’ll swim with you, until my lungs give out. Oh I can raise you from the deep, or drown with you in doubt”