Music Obsessive? Me?

What is my obsession with music? I own over 1,000 albums, by about 700 artists. I gather music more quickly than I listen to it, and end up months later, finding albums I never knew I had. I find an album I really like, listen to it a couple of times, and soon it is(…)

Rufus Wainwright – Live & Very Camp

Despite the unsubstantiated rumours going around that Rufus Wainwright would be supported by his singing sibling, Martha, it was a small, slightly scruffy man that took the stage in front of us, in Vicar Street on the 26th October 2004. Introducing himself as Ollie Cole, from the Dublin band Turn, he proceeded to give an(…)

Ohio Miserablists Inflict Depression On Everyone

The National, hailing from Ohio in the USA, have just released their first mini-album in Ireland, “Cherry Tree”. Comprising 6 new songs, and a live version of “Murder Me Rachel” from their previous album release, the National are comparable to many bands currently in the public eye – Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, the Killers. But before(…)