Music Obsessive? Me?

What is my obsession with music? I own over 1,000 albums, by about 700 artists. I gather music more quickly than I listen to it, and end up months later, finding albums I never knew I had. I find an album I really like, listen to it a couple of times, and soon it is lost into the pile, to be rediscovered months later. Or, conversely, I listen to the best albums in my collection too much, until I am sick of that album, for months and months to come. Why do I do this? When is enough enough? When will I stop collecting music? Never, I guess is the answer to that. I now have too many “favourite” artists to keep track of, and am pleasantly surprised when I wander into a music shop to find out one of my favourites has a new album out – on Saturday, it was the turn of The National, with their second full-length album Alligator (which, by the way, was my favourite album of 2005 to date…at least until I listened to it too much…)

I guess I am searching for the perfect song, and the perfect album. I’ve come close – Third Eye Blind’s eponymous debut album to me is as close to perfect as possible – a collection of songs, all very different, but all familiar as by T3B, and an album I can still listen to now, 7 years after buying it. The perfect song? Well, I’m still looking. I’m sure it’s a classic, somewhere out there – Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac. But the closest was Howie Day’s “Collide” (from “Stop All The World” (2003)) – at a time when I had met a special girl, I heard this song, and the lyrics so perfectly matched how I felt, that it struck a chord.But I feel the search will always continue – sure, there are my favourite songs (“Mr. Brightside”, “Hey Yeah”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “Born to Run”, “Directions”, “I Grieve”), and my favourite albums (Ryan Adams “Gold”, the Frames “Dance the Devil”, Goo Goo Dolls “Dizzy Up The Girl”, Jesse Malin “Fine Art of Self Destruction”, Tom McRae “Just Like Blood”, Bruce Springsteen “Ghost of Tom Joad”)…but the perfect one?

It’s out there somewhere…

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