Heartbreak = Hit?

I was listening to Josh Rouses latest album “Nashville”, thinking to myself that, while not as immediately accessible as 2003’s “1972”, that it was definitely a grower, when it occured to me – this album, dealing with Rouses’ move away from the town he called home for 12 years, and where he made his greatest music, and the breakup of his marriage, has guaranteed this man SHOULD become one of the greatest singer-songwriters of the last decade. Another broken relationship makes another hit album.

Having recently come out of a relationship myself, I went searching through my collection for albums inspired by relationships gone wrong. Snow Patrol’s “Final Straw”, Ryan Adams’ “Heartbreaker”, Tom McRae’s eponymous debut album…the list goes on. All albums that made the careers of the people that made the albums, and all a catharsis for the artist in question.

Now, if only I had some musical talent, production skills, and a singing voice…

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