Exploding Misconceptions.

Ellie Goulding. Now there’s an artist I could never get into. No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. I was just never taken by Ellie’s vocals. Her Wikipedia says it best: Neil McComick of The Daily Telegraph described her voice as “something special”, continuing; “Her tremulous vibrato and slightly hoarse timbre(…)

To Fight Or Not To Fight.

You know those songs, don’t you? You do. The ones that you leave on repeat and let flow over you. The ones that match perfectly to your staring out your window on a grey, overcast and wet day. The ones that are so very simple, yet cut through the very soul of you like a(…)


We all love a damaged singer, don’t we? Maybe it’s just me. And when a singer releases an album called “Dear…”, and I read the absolutely perfect line “‘Dear…’ makes ‘For Emma…’ sound like Skrillex”, well, it must be love. However, my admission of love might in fact scare off Keaton Henson, a 23-year-old singer(…)


I have a list of artists to feature on here, and I will, in time. From well-established artists whom I’ve tracked down myself, to submissions from little-known and unsigned artists, I have a list to work through, and I promise you all, I will work through it. Of course, having a collection of music that(…)

Living With Ghosts.

After a lack of new music, and the time to find it… You know what? No, I’m not using that excuse. Life is busy at the moment, but we are the decisions we make. I’ve chosen to spend more time on the Get Your Melancholy On Facebook Page, which is more easily updated, and a(…)


I’ve written about Measure before, posting about two songs off their 2008 EP “Begin Again” – the eponymous track and “Closer”. At the time, I used similar language for both – hypnotic, singsong, haunting; heartfelt, touching, affecting. Since then, I’ve posted about Laura DiStasi, Measure’s lead singer, and I’ve also creepily made friends with her.(…)

Tasting Blood.

Two posts in two weeks? Well, holy shit, I spoil you people… If you don’t already know, I run a slightly-more-often updated Facebook Page for Get Your Melancholy On. Of course, you all already like it, don’t you? One of the great things about that Page is that the people who like it also post(…)

I Hate You.

Over a month since my last post? Sorry, sorry… Life, as ever, has been getting in the way… And when I finally sat down to think about what I’d put up here, in front of you all, I blanked. It wasn’t for lack of choice – oh, no. Not at all. But after the last(…)


Reminiscing: Indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I try not to – the hamsters can’t power the wheel in my head for too extended a period of time these days – but as I grow older, I find myself thinking about the past, the present and the future(…)